We are V excited to invite Herb Kitchen back to our taproom. Inspired by the seasons, their philosophy is to minimise their environmental impact by using locally sourced, seasonal and foraged ingredients. With a network of local farmers, fishermen and growers, they produce plates of food right from our Sussex doorstep. 


Mamoosh flatbreads, handmande in Newhaven, baked thus morning and loaded with the following wood fired dirty treats: 


Barbecued char siu Sussex free range pork shoulder
Smoked butter glaze, coriander & scallions

Smoked Szechuan Sussex shin of beef 
Wagyu fat & sesame glaze, coriander and bbq red peppers

Jingdu style pork chop for 2 (ltd availability)
Damson umiboshi + 2 flatbreads

Preserved lemon & smoked garlic hummus
Roasted chickpeas, salted courgette & coriander

All served with kewpie charcoal slaw.