Seven Sisters’ Spices was founded in Lewes in 2013 by born and bred Londoner Chloe Edwards. As the name implies, spices lie at the heart of the cooking from this catering & teaching kitchen, with no region gaining preference. The food is alive with the influences of a North West London childhood and early to mid-adulthood enjoying food from all over the world in the widest corners of the capital.

We hope that you enjoy this menu at Beak featuring dishes & flavours from Goa in India, Sri Lanka & a little splash from Indonesia, Korea & Japan.



Beef Vindaloo

Locally reared beef marinated in vinegar, garlic, ginger and spices for 24 hours before being slow cooked in more spices & tomatoes – not as hot as the British corruption of the dish may imply, but if you like your chilli ask for the optional Green Chilli Chutney when ordering.


Vegan - Coconut Dal with an Aubergine, Tomato & Spinach Tarka

Warming mellow Coconut Dal with Lentils cooked in coconut milk & pandan leaf, topped with a generous addition of Roasted Aubergines finished in a Sri Lankan spiced Tomato & Spinach sauce, light with lemongrass & lime leaves.



Both served with Pilau Rice, Dabu-Dabu (an Indonesian fresh & spicy salsa style condiment), Mango Chutney, Coconut Yoghurt Mint Raita & a garnish of Smashed Onion Bhaji & Fresh Coriander

Optional extra – Green Chilli Chutney – Green Chillis blended with Coriander Leaf & Peanuts



Ganja Buchin

Korean potato fritters served with a miso & mirin dipping sauce


Roasted Chilli Salted Nuts