SATURDAY 08.10.2022

Kotori have been delivering hand made, hand cut Japanese udon noodles with toppings and sides to Lewes since their September debut at The Feature Kitchen in 2021, and have a monthly pop up at The Patch taproom cafe in Lewes.  For their first stint at Beak they will be serving up Kake udon - hot street food style udon bowls - with the signature Kotori vegan or 3 fish dashi broth.


Kake udon with Three Fish Dashi Broth and Beef

Udon served hot in a deep fish dashi broth, made with three dashi combined to give layers of umami, served with thinly sliced juicy beef, cooked in our special flavour packed sauce, served with grated ginger, spring onion and shichimi (Japanese spice mix - optional). 


Kids Size £5


Kake udon with Vegan Dashi Broth and Abura-age (VG)

Udon served hot in our signature vegan dashi broth made with kombu and toasted soya beans, served with juicy and flavourful marinated abura-age (soya bean curd) along with grated ginger, spring onion, shichimi (Japanese spice mix - optional) and crispy tempura batter. 


Kids size £5



Young soya beans cooked in the pod and salted - a favourite Japanese drinking snack.