A mixed 6 pack containing a showcase of 3 of our IPAs:

PARADE 6% IPA - Saturated in Citra, Mosaic and Idaho-7, this 6% IPA is brimming with fruit bubblegum flavours of mango, orange peel, pineapple and ripe flat peaches. 

CUSHY 6% IPA - Hi, we hope you’re good. Let us introduce you to Cushy, a new India Pale Ale dripping in super vibrant Cashmere, Sabro and Mosaic hops. It’s all peach, tangerine and spring roses on the nose followed by flavours reminiscent of blueberries, pot, key lime pie and coconut macaroons.

BO 6.5% IPA - This India Pale Ale is saturated in the freshest El Dorado, Ella and Idaho-7 hops we could lay our hands on for flavours of mango, pink grapefruit, pineapple, lemon and rose. Enjoy!

The mixed pack will contain:

2x 440ml cans of PARADE 6% IPA

2x 440ml cans of CUSHY 6% IPA

2x 440ml cans of BO 6.5% IPA

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