The BBQ Project


The BBQ Project uses fresh local produce to create innovative bbq style dishes. We can't wait to have them at the taproom!

Slow Smoked Crispy Chilli Pork Belly, sweetcorn puree, Cajun slaw -  £10

Handpressed Sussex Beef Burger, lettuce, red onions, candied bacon, project mayo - £12 

Homemade Courgette & Sweetcorn Fritters  Homemade chipotle & red onion chutney - £9

Marinated & Grilled Hastings Oyster Mushroom Homemade Cajun slaw, Vegan Gochujang Mayo - £10 

Grilled Project Buffalo Blue Chicken Thigh Bun Lettuce, chipotle & garlic mayo, cayenne sauce, blue cheese, candied bacon - £11 

Swanky Sussex Brisket Bun Low & slow brisket, salsa verde, pink onions, pickles, confit garlic sauce -  £10 

Low & Slow Smoked Sussex Beef Brisket Bun, Pickles. Homemade Mustard bbq Sauce, Double Cheese. Red Onions -  £11

Slow Smoked “Pastrami” Pork Rib, Cajun slaw, pink onions -  £10 

Veggie Piggy Fries, Homemade slaw, pickles, pickled chilli’s, pink onions, homemade cheese sauce, bourbon bbq glaze -  £10 

Dirty Brisket Fries (gf), low & slow beef brisket. homemade cheese sauce. red onions. homemade mustard bbq sauce - £10

Swanky Brisket Fries (gf)  Salsa verde, cheese sauce, fries, brisket, pink onions - £10

Cheesy Saucy Fries - £5

Fries - £4

(All dishes can be created gluten free by request)